Neil E. Aronov, Ph.D.


Dr. Aronov obtained his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech and completed a Clinical Psychology Internship at the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences in 1977. He has been in continuous private practice since that time. Additionally, he has been employed by or consulted with numerous healthcare agencies and facilities, maintaining a clinical practice as well as a forensic practice. Dr. Aronov also participates in the training of Doctoral Clinical Psychology Graduate Students as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the University of Memphis Department of Psychology.   

  Dr. Aronov’s primary interests are in providing Forensic Services such as in these cases:   

  • Independent Psychological Examinations
  • personal injury/ tort
  • malpractice
  • psychological pain and suffering/ victim impact
  • workplace harassment/ discrimination/ sexual harassment
  • PTSD and other trauma-related psychological injuries
  • sexual abuse, including priest/ clergy sexual abuse
  • wrongful death- psychological injury to survivors
  • wrongful termination or negligent retention regarding psychological issues
  • guardianship / conservatorship assessments
  • "Testamentary Competence" pre-mortem certification
  • pre-surgical evaluations for specialized medical procedures (spinal cord stimulator, bariatric surgery, transplant surgery)
  • Work-related forensic services include:
    • determination of causation
    • impairment ratings
    • psychological disability evaluation
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations/ Risk Assessments (in compliance with ADA and EEOC guidelines)
  • Law Enforcement Officer and Firefighter evaluations
  • Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification 

Dr. Aronov also provides clinical assessment and treatment services for: 

  •  mood disorders (depression, bipolar) 
  • anxiety disorders (worry, generalized anxiety, panic, phobia) 
  • trauma and posttraumatic stress (PTSD) 
  • couples therapy/ relationship issues 
  • co-treatment with medical specialties